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Shake head light bulb does not work, how to do?

1. Turn on the tail of the lamp body to check whether the bulb turns white or black. If the above two phenomena appear, please replace the bulb first and try again.

2. Open the two shells of the lamp body, install the trigger on the lamp post, check whether the trigger wiring is black, and replace the trigger if any.

Cleaning and maintenance

Please pay attention to the following points during normal use and inspection:

1. To ensure the normal and stable operation of the lamp, the lamp should be kept clean, and the lens should be cleaned regularly,

To ensure the best light effect. Pay attention not to use any dissolving detergent when cleaning, so as not to cause damage to lamps.

2. It is recommended that the lamp should not be used continuously for more than 4 hours each time, otherwise the service life of the lamp will be greatly shortened,

The above problems can be solved by the method of round rest.

3. Before the maintenance and disassembly of lamps, the power supply must be disconnected, and live operation is not allowed.

4. The rotating parts of lamps and lanterns must be inspected regularly to keep them clean and stable,

It must be replaced or reinforced in time to prevent accidents.

5. It is recommended that the continuous power on time of lamps should not exceed 48 hours. Note: please disconnect the power before maintenance!

Although the lamp is luminous, it does not accept the command of the controller?

1. Check whether the digital start address value and function options of lamps are correct;

2. Check whether the connection of communication control line is correct, the communication line is too long or has been interrupted;

3. Check whether the control equipment is invalid and whether the signal amplifier connected in series is invalid;

4. Check whether the communication line is too long or other equipment interferes with each other;

5. Optimize the wiring, shorten the length of control signal line, separate the high voltage and low voltage lines;

6. Add signal amplifier isolator;

7. The signal line adopts high quality shielded twisted pair (impedance characteristic is 75 Ohm);

8. Connect the signal terminal resistor at the end of the lamp.

Shake head lamp other function is normal, color or pattern is not unified, how to solve?

Open the lamp shell and check the circuit and motor from the main board to the color disk or pattern disk,

If there is no problem with the circuit and motor, try changing a motherboard,

If the motherboard is replaced and not available, replace the hall and magnet.

Shake head lamp is not electrified as a whole, how to do?

1. Check the power cord first.

2. Check whether the fuse of the power base is burnt out.

3. Turn on the base panel of the lamp and check whether the ballast is powered on and whether the internal switch connecting wire falls off.

4. Open the two shells of the lamp body, and check whether the temperature control fails near the bulb.